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This website contains information regarding the genealogy and history of people whose last name is “Cunnie”.

County Sligo, Ireland Cunnies

Helen Cunnie has an excellent archive of the Cunnies that originated from Culdalee, County Sligo, Ireland.

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Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Cunnies

We have a history in pictures of the Cunnies from Upper Darby, Pennsylvania United States.

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Pre-Pennsylvania Cunnies

Ed Cunnie did research on the parents (and grandparents) of the Cunnies that settled in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Although they originated from Ireland, it's unclear exactly where from Ireland they came, but a saloon was involved.

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Frances Harriman (née Cunnie) and Statia Poggi (née Cunnie) Reminisce

Audio Recording of Statia Poggi and Frances Harriman discussing growing up in Upper Darby, PA, USA, and the Cunnie family history (focuses on 1900's through 1950's, approximately two hours). Recording was made April 26, 1997.

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